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Today, more people search on mobile phones than computers...  Are you READY ?

Your New/Revised Website Will Get You Customers…

Or Not…

Don’t Pay For a Poor Website.

Test how mobile-friendly your site is by going

You are looking for a new website or you have an outdated website that doesn’t work very well. I am guessing that’s why you are here…You have a choice – build a website program that works…or not…

Imagine a website that doesn’t go “out of date”. How would you like a website that will ring that cash register a lot more than the money you spend on advertising? And you can have more…

A website that you won’t have to revise or replace in just a couple of years.
A website that your customers will read, get educated, and buy from.

In reality, you won’t get a website. You will get a client magnet. And a sales magnet. With an “engine” that will run at a high horsepower.  And with proper maintenance, will automatically update when technology changes.


If this LOOK is What You are looking for, you are in the


We get a lot of angry, confused business owners calling us. They are frustrated with a current website that:
  • Is outdated after just a couple of years.
  • Is not “mobile-friendly”.
  • Does not create sales.
  • Has no security.
  • Does not show up anywhere online unless someone does a name search for that business.
  • Costs a fortune to “upgrade” and has no guarantees.

We get a lot of scared, confused business owners looking for a website for the first time. They are afraid that:
It will not reflect their business and create a good “brand”.
  • They will never understand internet marketing, responsive websites, SEO, SEM, SMM, UX, and the other “jargon” they keep seeing when they search.
  • The expense of a website will be more than they will ever recover.
  • After the website is built, they will be “on their own”.
  • Their customers won’t find it.
  • The customers who do find it will not buy anything.

You have a lot of questions and needs when you are building a new or revised website. Don’t worry…

Your Dream of a Website that Makes Your
Business Successful Can Be a Reality...

You can have a website that:
  • Reflects your business personality.
  • Is security-safe from “hacking”
  • Can change to keep up with market and technology changes.
  • Google will like and continue to like for local search.
  • Your customers will like and buy with (for education and sales)
  • You won’t have to replace in two years and start over.
  • That you only pay for one time, with automatic upgrades.
  • You can view and will work without concern on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

How Can We Do This?

  • We can do all of this because we will build your website properly. We will consult with you about your customers and do complete research into your market.
  • We will have professionals create the framework and the content. Then we will organize it for a persuasive and pleasant user (customer) experience.
  • We will educate your customers, get feedback from your customers, and adapt changes in the website to reflect the changes in your customer needs (or maybe your customer targets).
  • We have the latest technology and the most used design tools.
  • We will then plan a marketing strategy that will let prospects find you. Our job is to attract customers to your website, educate them, discover their needs, convince them to contact you for your product or services, and then turn them over to you to take care of.

How Will You Pay for All of This?

It Must Have a Sky High Price Tag…

That is the beauty of this program. If it is tailored to fit your business, it will reflect that in the cost. If you have a highly complicated business that has a high earnings potential, it will require more work, research, and development than a small simple business.  That will be directly reflected in the setup and maintenance.

Think about our program this way. It is like buying a cellphone. When you buy a cellphone now it has features that match the user’s needs or wants. It also:
  • Can be programmed for global high-end use or local light use.
  • Can have built in software for multichannel use or simple call, text, and data use.
  • Can add high volume data usage with a huge “hot spot” or just basic usage for the person who is not a high-end user.
  • Provides automatic upgrades. That way your phone never gets out of date.

The person with high data, global reach, all the bells and whistles will pay more than the simple user.
And with our plan the goal is…

Your Customers Will Pay For Your Website…

By creating a website and marketing program that works, you will very quickly get back the investment and cover the maintenance.

  We Personally Guarantee It!  

Does this sound too good to be true? It is not! It is what you deserve. No longer will you suffer from buy and goodbye.
We will be your business and marketing partners to plan and manage your marketing for the future. We will work to assure your success because that will assure our success.

Find Out Now How To Make This Happen for You…

Here is a summary of what you will get:
  • An interview to determine your current status with an Internet Analysis and description of your ideal customer persona and demographics.
  • Complete profile for your business, including history, goals, challenges, and abilities.
  • Research to determine the characteristics, needs, and wants of that persona in your market.
  • Analysis of your competition and market conditions.
  • Conference to fill in any holes that we miss.

You will receive a complete proposal for:
  • A “lifetime” website, including any necessary domain and hosting.
  • Maintenance and automatic upgrades.
  • Marketing plan for short term and long term goals.
  • Education programs to coordinate our efforts with yours.
  • Plans for customer acquisition and education.

We will make any adjustments and then show how your customers will pay for it. And then you can make profits for your efforts.

Now It is Time To Get Started…

You might wonder about our capability and trustworthiness.  That is the next step in your process.  Click below to continue:  You will learn all about us:
                  • Our history.
                  • What our clients say.
                  • Why we do this.
                  • How we do this.
                  • Our services details.

And Our Personal Guarantee…

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